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Wedding Bouquet Ideas

August 24th, 2008

Seems like more and more Brides these days want their bouquets to be a lasting memory of their special day.

However with alot of the more traditional bouquets this is not always possible.

Fresh flowers do not have a long life span and most fresh flowers used in Bridal bouquets are hot house grown.

What does this mean in terms of a bouquet?.

Well it means that the flowers will open up more quickly so that your bouquet has nicer blooms.

But it also means the flowers tend to die more quickly.

Freeze drying is a wonderful  way to keep your bouquet, but it can be quite expensive.

When freeze drying your bouquet, make sure you take the bouquet within 24 hours of the wedding so it dosen’t lose too much moisture.

The flowers are then dyed, because during  the freeze drying proccess they lose their color.

Another option is to hand dry your bouquet, all this means is hang the bouquet upside down and allow it to dry.

Hand drying is a much cheaper option but eventually the flowers  decay and fall apart.

Of course you could use silk flowers which don’t die.

But not every Bride wants silk flowers, some want fresh.

Some brides want to be able to hand out flowers to the important women in their lives.

This is usually done at the end of the marriage ceremony, as the bride and groom are leaving the church etc. Now the problem with most wedding bouquets especially if they are fresh flowers is that the bouquet will be wired. This makes pulling the bouquet apart to hand out flowers very hard.

So here is my soloution to this problem.

A two piece bouquet, as the name sugguests it is a bouquet which can be broken into two pieces.

This type of bouquet is more useful than people think.

Because the bouquet comes in two seperate pieces it means you can mix and match your flowers,

For example say you wish to hand out flowers after the ceremony.

The top  part of the bouquet would be fresh flowers handtied and the bottom piece could be either silk or fresh flowers in a structured bouquet.

Then at the end of the cermony all you would do is untie the the top piece so you can hand out your flowers.

Now you are left with the bottom piece to still carry for photo’s and your reception.

Black and white wedding

August 24th, 2008

When planning your wedding it is always easier to go with a color scheme. 

One color scheme that never seems to date is black and white.

This look is old worldy and sleek and sexy, bold and dramatic all at the same time.

These days black and white weddings do not have to be boring.

Why not do a bit of research and look back to the 1940’s for inspiration. 

The women looked sleek and sexy in their black and white evening gowns and the men looked dashing in their black pinstripe suits and hats.

A black and white wedding can be all glamor and style even your cake can be black and white.

Tables need not be boring use lots of different textures and patterns in your linens and accessories to create that old world feel.

For center pieces use wrought iron candle holders with ornate white candles.

Flowered center pieces would look great done in silk flowers as you can get black velvet roses off set these with white silk roses and you have a stunning look.

Black and white wedding dresses these days are adorned in lace and jewels to give the added style and flair.

Why not try being really different and have the bride in black and the bride’s maids in white.

If you like the idea of a low cut backless dress then why  not see about having some henna art drawn on your back.

If you have a lace design on your dress then ask your henna artist if they can copy it up your back.

Maybe instead of jewellery all the brides maids could have henna art on their necks and hands.

Add to this some long black and white earrings and wow what a look.

Why not try doing a masquerade ball theme and using black and white as well.

Movies such as the reccent Marie Antoinette seems to be inspiring people to think differently about their weddings.

Your gifts for guests and the  bridal party can also reflect your black and white theme. 

There are plenty of gifts out there why not start looking?

If you are doing things on a budget then why  not look at making your own gifts you could even do this as part of your preparation for the big day.

Use your hens night to get help with your gifts, but  make sure you keep it fun.

Your bouquets can also be part of this theme,  keep the bouquets simple one color only and accent with feathers or cystals or ribbon.

If you want color in your bouquet to off  set the dresses  then go for bold bright colors like reds,oranges,yellows and purples.

Tell your guests that they must also follow the theme and come in black and white.

Make it like the big band era and hire a live band for the night and just have fun.

Maybe you and your partner could go and do some swing dancing lessons before the wedding and really blow your guests away.

As you can see this does not need to hard or boring but could be fun and memorable for you and your guests.

2008 Wedding Trends

January 11th, 2008

It looks like waist-lines are back in this year for wedding dresses.

I say about time!

I am glad to see a move away from the wedding dresses that give no real shape.

The trend in 2008 is for dresses with soft, full, graceful lines that flatter waist and bust lines.

Necklines are once again being lowered, to show off more of the neck and shoulder area.
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Candy baskets for valentines day

January 2nd, 2008

Don’t you get tired of the same old valentines gifts every year?

It seems most people think that Valentines presents have to be either flowers, chocolates, or jewellry.

Well, I’ve added a page to the Candy Bouquets part of the site, which will hopefully rectify this!

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Wedding Bouquets

April 5th, 2007

I’ve added a new page, dedicated to wedding bouquets.

It collects all my articles about wedding bouquets together, into one easily accessible page.

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wedding bouquets

How to make a corsage

October 18th, 2006

One thing that is quite easy to make for a wedding (and for other events as well), is a corsage.

Corsages are a “spray” of flowers, that are worn on the shoulder. They are used at special occasions, such as weddings, baby-showers, proms, and home-comings.

You can learn how to make your own corsage with my article… how to make a corsage

How to make a candy bouquet

October 17th, 2006

When I first started this website, my main aim was to show how to make silk bridal bouquets.

But I’ve started branching out a little.


Because I like making all sorts of bouquets. I find it interesting to use my creativity and come up with new ways of expressing myself.

One type of bouquet I make quite a bit (mainly because of how popular they are with the rest of my family), are Candy Bouquets

There are already some articles on my site about candy bouquets, including How to make a candy bouquet

I’ve added another article though… This time it shows how to make a candy bouquet without using any silk flowers…

How to make a candy bouquet2

How to make a wedding bouquet…

September 30th, 2006

I’ve just added a new article to the website, How to make a wedding bouquet

Now, obviously it’s a bit hard to show in an article exactly how to make a full wedding bouquet- it’s quite complex, and is really best understood by watching (Which is the reason for my DVD)

Still, it DOES give a basic understanding of how to make a wedding bouquet, and hopefully it will help people interested in making their own bridal bouquet…

How to make a cala lily bouquet…

September 13th, 2006

Cala Lilies are a large beautiful flower. Also known as the peace lily, they look really nice in bouquets, particularly when combined with smaller flowers like frangipanis.

Cala Lily Bouquets are really easy to make as well, as you’ll see by reading my latest article…

How to make a calla lily bouquet

I’ve also added a page with pictures from my wedding. Check it out here…

Pictures of my wedding bouquets


August 18th, 2006

Welcome to my blog.

I’ll be covering bouquet related things, and in particular, writing about new articles as I write them, and my DVD, which is almost ready to release…

More info soon…